Just some quick updates for you all.

Class Timings

As you are all aware, my wife is pregnant and is due in the next month therefore I will need to reduce by commitments to the Club slightly.   Therefore, starting from Monday 12th July the schedule will be as follows:
6pm to 7pm – Mixed Class (Kids & Adults)7pm to 8pm – Adults Only
For the first couple of weeks after the baby is born I will need to cancel all classes and then will return for a few weeks (TBC) at once per week on a Monday before returning to twice a week when my schedule allows.   I will need to play this by ear and I will let you know as and when things change!

Class Fees
I propose to make no changes to class fees which will stay at the following:

  • Kids/Family Class (one hour) – £30 per month for once per week training
  • Kids/Family Class (one hour) – £50 per month for twice per week training
  • Adult Class (two hours) – £75 per month for twice per week training
  • 10% discount for 2 in a family, 20% for 3 and 25% for 4 or more

However, due to the uncertainty over dates as discussed above I would propose that from August lessons are paid for on a per lesson basis of £7.50 for kids/family class (one hour training) and £12.50 for adults class (two hours training) to ensure that you don’t pay for classes that end up being cancelled.   The usual family discounts will apply.

License Fees

License fees help cover the Clubs arching commitments to insurance & membership and were due to be renewed in Sept 2020 but due to the ongoing COVID issues we delayed these renewals and reached an agreeement with our wider Association (The British Combat Karate Assocation) over insurance.    Now that we are back training and (fingers crossed) it looks like restrictions are easing we need to renew licenses and costs are below:

  • Adults £30 per year
  • Under 16’s £15 per year
  • 10% discount for 2 in a family, 20% for 3 and 25% for 4 or more
  • Please note that those who have signed up to a beginner’s course in the last 12 months (Mahdi & Alexander) you do not need to pay for this as it is included in your beginners’ course.

As it has been two years I will also need everyone to re submit a Student Information Form (can be found on our website HERE) so that I have up to date contact, emergency contact and medical information.

The next Club grading will be on Monday 19th July at 6pm and will cost £10 per grading.   Please remember to bring your license books so that these can be stamped to mark your grading.

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