We our proud of our reputation as hardworking, progressive, friendly & inclusive Dojos.   See what our members and their families have to say about us:

Darren Jumnoodoo – 6th Dan Blackbelt with TKMA

5 Star Rating“Adam & Dan are superb Instructors with knowledge and experience from both competition and combative view points. Friendly guys as well”

Matt Powell Sensei – 4th Dan Blackbelt of the AKA

5 Star Rating“Adam & Dan are great instructors with an excellent pedigree

Rachael Houlton – 2nd Dan Blackbelt

5 Star Rating

I have trained in shotokan karate for eight years, and have been lucky enough to train with world class instructors in both the UK and Japan. I honestly consider Adam sensei to be one of the very best, and I can now fully appreciate how fortunate I have been to have had him as my primary teacher for all this time. He is a highly skilled karateka, excellent teacher, and knowledgeable sport scientist. He combines these strengths to create varied and informative lessons which are both enjoyable and challenging. Under his tuition I have gained a life-long love of karate, and I’m sure you will too.

Charlie Johnson – 2nd Dan Blackbelt

5 Star Rating“Dan White Sensei has a great depth of knowledge and examines the roots of karate. Great stuff”

Tracey King – Parent

5 Star Rating

“This is an excellent class and has helped to teach my son, who has a disability, co-ordination, discipline, self confidence and how to be respectful.   The instructor ensures that he learns to work as part of a team as well as how to concentrate as an individual.  The instructors help every child, ensure that no one feels left out and that the children are learning in a safe and fun environment.   I would highly recommend Kings Cross Shotokan Karate Club to any parent to bring their child.”

Harvey Perkins – 1st Dan Blackbelt

5 Star Rating

“I cannot recommend Sensei Adam highly enough. I started Karate over 6 years ago at another school but nearly quit after a couple of months – then a friend recommended Kings Cross Shotokan Karate Club and I haven’t looked back. Friendly club and excellent instruction.”

Joao Costa – 1st Dan Blackbelt

5 Star Rating

“I have trained in many clubs over the last 35 years. Berkhamsted Shotokan Karate Club is a grown up karate club, for those that appreciate exploring martial arts from a karate perspective. Great people with a great attitude. “Kara te Do” in the true sense of the word..”

Josh Shill – 1st Dan Blackbelt

5 Star Rating

“I started karate 11 years ago at the Kings Cross Dojo with the best instructor I could hope for, starting from a rookie to now as a Blackbelt.  Sensei Adam has always been a motivational instructor pushing me beyond my limits in the Arts Of Karate! As the years went by I passed all my Kyu grades this is due to him. Sensei Adam a highly recommended instructor!”

Kim Wiles – Parent & Brown Belt

5 Star Rating

“”My son has only been doing classes for a few months but I have already noticed the difference in his confidence and his eagerness to learn more. The Sensei makes karate fun while the children develop respect and discipline.  I would highly recommend this class to any parent with a child interested in studying karate”.

Matt Gilling – Shodan Blackbelt with another group

5 Star Rating

“Sensei Adam is one of the most competent and skilled instructors I’ve had the privilege to be tutored by. He has a great understanding of his art and an expert friendly teaching style. Would recommend his club to anyone from novice to accomplished karateka”

Rafael Roman Kent – Brown Belt

5 Star Rating

“I’ve recently started training at Kings Cross Shotokan Karate Club and Sensei Adam is very effective, considerate, meticulous and experienced at teaching Shotokan Karate.  Along with sharing his knowledge, insights and enthusiasm for Karate, Sensei Adam expresses his ideas, processes, findings and outcomes in a methodical way to the class. Recommend instructor.”

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