March Kids Club Grading

Monday 4th March was the first kids Club grading of the year and saw 13 students pass their grades in style. It was great to see students progressing well through our Foundation Grade system and also those who have moved through the Foundation Phases and are now taking full Kyu Read more…

Dan Grading Sucess

Huge congratulations to KCSKC’s Harvey, Maria and Josh who all passed Nidan (2nd Dan Blackbelt) in style in December 2017 at the SSKI Honbu Dojo. The process of working towards this grading started over 12 months ago for each of them and each worked hard to put themselves into the Read more…

September Kyu Grading

Monday 15th September saw the London Club’s September Kyu grading. The following students were succesfull; Ken Hettiarachi to 9th Kyu Sebastian Ahlers to 8th Kyu Katja Ajoha to 6th Kyu Luke Oxlade to 5th Kyu Well done all!  

June Kyu Grading

Congratulations to the following who passed their gradings in the June Kyu grading: Sebastian – 9th Kyu Katja – 7th Kyu Younnes – 6th Kyu Nigel – 5th Kyu Ed – 5th Kyu Harvey – 1st Kyu

March Kyu Grading

Well done to the following students who passed their grading in March Harvey – 2nd Kyu Ed – 6th Kyu Luke – 6th Kyu Terry – 7th Kyu  Younis – 7th Kyu Katja – 8th Kyu We also said goodbye to Terry that evening who was heading back to the Read more…

December Grading Success!!

The London Dojo had a very successful end to 2013, with two batches of students passing their respective gradings without a single student failing. Firstly, on Saturday 7th December 2013, four London students passed their respective Dan gradings in front of a panel headed by Malcolm Phipps Sensei  (8th Dan). Read more…

Club Kyu Grading

To 8th Kyu (orange belt) – Ed Gomez To 8th Kyu (orange belt) – Terry Enlow To 7th Kyu (yellow belt) – Nigel Praetes To 7th Kyu (yellow belt) – Luke Oxlade We’ll done to the four successful Karateka!