On 30th January 2023, Dan Sensei and I were delighted to award John Coleby his Shodan Blackbelt. John has been training with KSSKC for the past 5 years after a 40 year break having trained with the KUGB in the late 70’s. John’s enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to training and trying to improve is evident for all to see and the work he has put in to get ready for this grading is a testament to that. John barely misses a lesson and trained throughout COVID on our Zoom classes, private zoom 1-2-1’s, park training and socially distanced indoor classes, constantly wanting to learn and improve.

This was Dan Sensei & I’s first Dan grading under the Total Shotokan Karate banner so it was a proud moment for us. When we started TSK we wanted our students to be able to walk into any dojo in the world, whether is a classic 3 K’s Shotokan dojo, practical karate or anything in between and as a result our syllabus reflects that. John had to perform solo kihon, that kihon on pads and/or with a partner, various kata plus demonstrate bunkai from those kata, specific pad drills and impact work, a range of kumite drills from long range Jiyu-Ippon, through to more short range self protection, dojo style kumite plus grappling drills and ground work. It was a long and exhausting grading which I’m pleased to say John passed with flying colours. A big thank you to all the KCSKC seniors who not only helped John get ready for the grading but also supported him on the day. Well done John, we’re really proud of you and this was fully deserved. John is pictured receiving his new Total Shotokan Dan grade certificate, brilliantly designed by Paul of Soto Sabisu.

Well done to all!


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