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Total Shotokan Karate

We are a progressive, friendly Shotokan Karate Group based in London & Hertfordshire who are dedicated to teaching Shotokan Karate as a complete Martial Art.

We are open to people of all ages and abilities and are proud to be members of the British Combat Karate Association.

Latest News

  • Dan Grading Success
    On 22nd March 2024 we conducted our latest Dan grading and we are delighted to announce the promotion of Bobby to Shodan, Seth to Nidan and Josh and Maria to Sandan. Each has been training Read more…
  • First Total Shotokan Dan Grade
    On 30th January 2023, Dan Sensei and I were delighted to award John Coleby his Shodan Blackbelt. John has been training with KSSKC for the past 5 years after a 40 year break having trained Read more…
  • Kings Cross Dojo – Updates
    Just some quick updates for you all. Class Timings As you are all aware, my wife is pregnant and is due in the next month therefore I will need to reduce by commitments to the Read more…