On 22nd March 2024 we conducted our latest Dan grading and we are delighted to announce the promotion of Bobby to Shodan, Seth to Nidan and Josh and Maria to Sandan. Each has been training with KCSKC for a long time and has been preparing for this grading for a number of months. They were examined not only on their performance on the night but also their training and development over the past 12 – 24 months. It was by far the most physically and mentally demanding gradings we have done and sets the standard for the levels moving forwards. The grading encapsulated the ethos of our group, showing Shotokan Karate as a holistic art, showcasing not only the traditional 3K katate but also more practical elements, impact work, kata bunkai (applications) and grappling. The 2.5 hour grading ended with the 3 senior gradings fighting the 3 grading examiners back to back, demonstrating heart, resilience and effort. A huge thank you to our good friend Gabriel Van Rel Sensei of Dojo Van Rel who acted as an independent examiner and to all the association seniors who supported as partners, pad holders and ukes. Huge congratulations to the 4 successful Karateka, as your Sensei and friend I couldn’t be more proud of you!


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