The 2009 SHOBU-IPPON KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS were held on Saturday the 7th of May at the Spectrum Leisure Centre in Guildford. London SSKI club members put in some very strong performances, achieving the following medals:

Men’s Black–belt Kata

  • 1st Adam Cockfield Sensei

Men’s Novice Kata

  • 3rd Andy Cutler

Ladies Novice Kata:

  • 1st Rachael Houlton
  • 2st Nadine Schuerer

Ladies Junior Kata

  • 3rd Monika Orban

Ladies Novice Kumite

  • 2nd Rachel Houlton
  • 3rd Nadine Schuerer

These results, along with those of competitors from fellow SSKI clubs helped the association to maintain its position at the top of the tournament’s medals table (where we have been since the tournament began!).  Special mention should be made of Adam Sensei’s first place in the Black-Belt Men’s Kata- an event with more than 50 entrants!

Congratulations to all who took part!

Read The Shotokan Way review of Shobu Ippon 2009 here which includes Sensei Adams 1st place winning Kata being described thus “…enjoyed Adam Cockfield’s (SSKI) kata in particular, whose Unsu was very impressive”.

Shobu Ippon Report 2009