I managed to squeeze a bit of holiday training in whilst in Tokyo. It would be rude not to! SKIF Honbu with Tanaka Sensei & the famous Hoitsugan Dojo with Leon Montoya Sensei!

The Hoitsugan Dojo (http://www.hoitsugan.com/) was full of history and was a bit of a dream of mine to train at a dojo I had read so much about. The Hoitsugan was the private dojo of Nakayama Sensei (he lived in the flat on the top floor!) and was set up to cater for travelling Karateka and included a dormitory which was where so many notable Western Karateka have stayed over the years, from it’s first resident Steve Ubl Sensei, to Richard Amos Sensei, to my good friend Simon Staples Sensei.

Unfortunately Kawawada Sensei was ill for the session I joined but I was greated by Leon Montoya Sensei and Paul Senpai and after a great kihon lesson we spoke about our mutual friends Simon Staples and Stacey Crowe who lived at the Hoits in the early 1990’s.

I also loved the opportunity to train at Kanazawa Sensei’s SKIF honbu again and had a very fast paced class with Tanaka Sensei and partnered the SKIF’s first western Kenshusei (Trainee Instructor) Paul Huglo. As with last time, everyone at the dojo was so welcoming and friendly!

Until next time Japan. Domo Arigato!