London Dojo Kyu Grading

Congratulations to Nigel, Terry, Luke and Harvey who all successfully passed their respective gradings: 4th Kyu- Harvey 8th Kyu- Luke 9th Kyu- Terry and Nigel This was an excellent start for Terry and Nigel on their first grading, with performances that bode well for the future.  

London Dojo Kyu Grading

The London Kyu grading took place on Thursday December 13th. The standard was high throughout and congratulations to Luke, Harvey and Joydeep who were awarded the following grades: 9th Kyu- Luke Oxlade 5th Kyu- Harvey Perkins 1st Kyu- Joydeep

Association Dan Grading

The SSKI Dan grading was held at the Honbu dojo in Hemel Hempstead on December 1st. Chris Sensei and Rachael were successfully graded to Sandan and Shodan respectively, in front of an examiners panel consisting of Malcolm Phipps Sensei, Tony Bunting Sensei, Adam Cockfield Sensei, Jeff Carson Sensei and Daniel Read more…

London Kyu Grading, Dec 2011

The London Dojo Kyu grading was held on December 8th 2011 before a panel of Adam sensei, Chris sensei and Seth sensei. All participants were successful, with the following grades awarded. Tony- 3rd Kyu Stuart- 6th Kyu Carey- 6th Kyu Harvey- 8th Kyu Congratulations everyone!  

Dan Grading Successes!

  Many Congratulations to Monika Orban and Sarah Brown from the London Club who successfully passed their respective shodan and nidan gradings at the Honbu Dojo on Saturday December 3rd. Both gave very strong performances in front of the senior panel of SSKI examiners, particularly impressing with their spirited kumite. Read more…

London Kyu Grading

The London Dojo Kyu grading was held on Thursday the 8th of September, in front of a panel of Adam Sensei, Chris Sensei, Sarah Sensei and Caspar Sensei. The following grades were awarded: 1st Kyu- Rachael Houlton 2 Kyu- Peer Lustraeten 7th Kyu- Elena Chrysostomou 9th Kyu- Stuart Debois Congratulations Read more…

London Dojo Kyu Grading

The London Kyu Grading took place on March 10th, with the following grades awarded: 9th Kyu- Carl (Hemel Hempstead) 9th Kyu – Carey Griffith 8th Kyu- Aga Skwara 8th Kyu- Elena Chrysostomou 2nd Kyu- Rachael Houlton Congratulations everyone!

Dan Grading December 2010

The bi-annual SSKI Dan Grading took place on the 6th of December at the Hemel Hempstead Dojo. There was a very high standard all round and Eve Martinez from London club was awarded her Shodan black belt. Congratulations Sensei Eve!