On Thursday Oct 13th visiting instructor Chris Carr sensei from SEKU (Shotokan of England Karate Union) will be taking the class. Training will be at the normal time and cost, followed by a few drinks at The Driver. Please do make sure you are there for what is sure to be a fantastic course from this highly experienced and respected Karateka, Instructor and Referee.

A brief history of Chris Carr sensei’s training history, in his own words:

I started in 1976, in Wales with Mike O’Brian, before moving back to Sussex where I joined Brighton and the KUGB. One of the visiting instructors was Sensei Dewey, that was how we met.

Soon after achieving dan grade with Enoeda Sensei, SEKU was formed and I was asked to start a club in Burgess Hill. This went on to become a strong part of the SEKU web, producing a number of champions. I was hooked on the Japanese way of training and would go anywhere to train with them. The summer course at Crystal Palace I never missed. I started to teach with the senior instructors of SEKU all over the south of England and was a popular guest at different clubs on my own standing. By this time I was also respected as a referee and had been busy climbing grades, reaching 4th Dan in 1993. After a further five years of the same, and on the brink of being awarded 5th dan, tragedy struck my private life and I had to retire from Karate life all together.

I returned 4 years later but as a student and with the help of Mick Dewey and Dave Hazard started to get back into it. I trained with Dave Hazard regularly and liked his resemblance to the Japanese way of teaching. I started to teach again, but not in SEKU. Other people had now moved up and I was no longer in that circle. I taught at KUGB clubs in my area and refereed at their competitions. I also taught self defense classes and held private lessons for security guys (bouncers). I started back as a corner judge with SEKU at their competitions and, with Brian Smith’s guidance, went on to become one of their international referees. I am always thought of as higher graded because of my time in Karate, and am flattered by it, but unfortunately fate chose otherwise.

My lessons are structured on my experiences with the Japanese and the unusual approach to my teaching. Hopefully all will enjoy what I do and learn something different. The lessons are about using what you know and how to have fun with it, as well as the deadly side of what we do – Good, honest karate at the end of the day. I am overwhelmed at the interest that has been shown and cannot wait to meet people in their various clubs.