Seishinkai London hosted a four hour Open Kata Bunkai Course with Iain Abernethy Sensei (6th Dan) on Sunday 1st September.

For the opening 2 hours Sensei focused on using the Heian Kata to demonstrate his thoughts on kata bunkai, including the use of angles, using both sides of the body and the controlling distance.  He then advanced on the the Bassai/Passai Kata for the final session.


Sensei’s thoughts on Bunkai are really eye opening and his approach is based in the reality of self defence.  This isn’t the Bunkai you see in some books, he provides real life solutions for genuine self defence issues all of which come directly from kata.

Sensei’s background is in Wado Ryu karate but his approach transfers seamlessly to Shotokan without a hint of style bashing.


SSKI London members with Iain Sensei

Id like to thank everyone who attended, lots of familiar friendly faces and many new ones, including those who travelled a long way especially the gentleman who travelled from Germany specifically for the course!


Adam with Iain Sensei

Finally, a special thank you to Iain Sensei and I hope to welcome him back to the Club in 2014