The first weekend of July 2008 saw the ‘3rd International Shotokan Training Camp’ take place at Herqueville Manor in the beautiful French countryside. In total, 33 Karate-ka made the journey to train with Paul Herbert of the ASK and this years guest instructor Adam Cockfield of the SSKI.

In addition to the training with both sensei, Michael Hogan of ASK Ireland and the national kata coach, also took a special class for the Kyu grades. Jeff Matthews also gave an excellent power point presentation on the subject of martial artists, self defence and the law – Jeff is a vastly experienced karate-ka and police officer who is also an expert on conflict management.

Over the 4-days, both instructors taught various levels of technique and theories applying to traditional karate, sport karate and also effective street-applied karate techniques for personal protection. The brown and black belts also covered the kata’s Meikyo and Gankaku with in depth breakdowns and understanding of their applications and feel.

There was also special early morning sessions for those able to roll out of bed for a run and training on the banks of the river Seine with Paul Sensei. On the second morning, Adam Sensei took the early birds through a tough but highly enjoyable plyometrics training session.

Aside from the training, there was never a dull moment over the weekend with beautiful weather, BBQ’s, Football, Pool, Karaoke and a fair bit of drinking. The 4th International Shotokan Training Camp is already booked at Herqueville Manor for Friday 10th to Monday 13th July 2009.