Last weekend (Feb 2018) weekend’s training with a diverse mix of instructors and themes.

Saturday was with Sgt. Rory Miller, concentrating on the core principles of self protection and specifically the importance of the concepts of structure and void.

Rory is one of the world’s leading authorities on dealing with real world violence having worked in prisons and correctional institutions in the US and also the army. He is the author to many books on teh subject including the highly acclaimed “Meditations on Violence”. I would thoroughly recommend Rory’s courses and his books, they are a game changer!

It was awesome to catch up with an old training mate Graham Palmer too!

Sunday was with George Best, Richard Amos and Steve Ubl Senseis, working on more traditional Shotokan principles. George and Richard Sensei taught great sessions on resistance band training and shuto respectively, but once again Steve Sensei stole the show. His knowledge and ability are unparalleled and I would pay just to watch him train!

Got to train alongside my good mate Gabriel Van Rel Sensei too!