Monday 4th March was the first kids Club grading of the year and saw 13 students pass their grades in style.

It was great to see students progressing well through our Foundation Grade system and also those who have moved through the Foundation Phases and are now taking full Kyu gradings. The Foundation Grade system was designed to cover the first two Kyu grades but split into 8 separate grades to ensure that a child’s progress is slow, smooth and continuous and has proved very successful with those students moving through those grades moving seamlessly into full Kyu grades.

Our longest serving students who were both at the Kids Class first lesson in Oct 2016

It was also especially pleasing to see our longest serving students (both of whom were in the first kids class lesson held in October 2016) progress to full 6th Kyu (green belt).   We also had the first gradings of our first parents to join and also a successful 2nd Kyu pass.

Well done to everyone on a great grading!