On Monday 2nd March 2020 we had the kids class grading for Kings Cross Shotokan Karate Club, which saw a number of our younger and newer students progress through the Foundation grades whilst others moved further forward in the Kyu ranks. In total 16 students passed.

Kids Class grading Monday 2nd March 2020

On Thursday we saw the first combined Total Shotokan Karate adult grading with students from the Kings Cross and Berkhamsted dojos grading. Eight adult students graded, demonstrating skill across the full spectrum of the Shotokan curriculum including solo kihon, partnered kihon, solo kihon on pads, Kata, Kata Bunkai, set kumite, freestyle kumite, grappling, HAPV defense and pad work! A tough 2 hour grading for all but a 100% pass rate.
Bobby and Abby – Double graded to 8th Kyu (Orange)
Sean and Carlos – Graded to 6th Kyu (Green)
John, Emily, Patricia and Jakub – Graded to 2nd Kyu (Brown & White)

Adult grading on Thursday 5th March 2020

Congratulations to all.

It was great to see people training and grading in the Total Shotokan way!