Without doubt one of the best training sessions I have been privileged to have been involved in in nearly 25 years of training.ac-va

Vinicio Antony Sensei is a senior 5th Dan Shotokan Karateka, a BBJ blackbelt and highly skilled in many other arts such as Muay Thai and Savate. His approach is to return Shotokan Karate to the effective self defence fighting art that it was intended for but also exploring Karate’s effectiveness in MMA. Sensei is not a slave to tradition and has questioned, studied, tested and trained, which has allowed him to develop and push boundaries within his art.

The focus of the class centered on key principles of compression & expansion, correct posture and effective delivery of power, which were demonstrated and reinforced in all drills whether they be basic kihon, kumite drills or groundwork. All of the groundwork was trained to allow the student to become comfortable on the floor but with the aim to always look to work you way back to a standing base where we are most comfortable.


I want to thank Vincio Sensei for an amazing 4 hours (he was only meant to teach for 3 but he was having fun!) which left the whole class knackered and inspired in equal measure.

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Thank You!