On Thursday 15th December Seishinkai London were very pleased to host a course with Simon Staples Sensei (5th Dan).  For a number of years Adam Sensei has trained with Simon in many aspects of the Martial Arts and was therefore very pleased to have him teach at his Dojo.

The theme of Simon’s class was utilising the basic Shotokan template in more self defense situations, using gedan-barai and shuto-uke to demonstrate.  Sensei finished the class with a section of Nijushiho, showing how minor changes to the form of the kata can drastcially change it’s combat effectiveness.

As it was the last session of the year, the Club and it’s guests descended to  Vigata’s for a fantastic Italian meal and a few (!) drinks.  The night ended in the very early hours with Rachael challenging all comers on the pool table!

The course was a brilliant end to a wonderful year for Seishinkai London and we would like to thank Simon Sensei for his inspirational class and we look forward to seeing him again in the very near future!