The London Dojo took its Kyu grading on Thursday 11th December in front of a panel of Adam Sensei (4th Dan), Seth Sensei, Kaan Sensei, Nick Sensei & Johnny Sensei.  It was an excellent grading overall with some exceptionally strong kumite demonstrated.  The group of 5 white belts were the best group of adult white belts that Adam Sensei has seen.

Those who passed were;

To 9th Kyu – Andy Culter, Nicole Schuerer, Nadine Schuerer, Monika Wieselberg & Ellen Leibelt.

To 8th Kyu – Peer Lustraeten

To 7th Kyu – James Hetherington, Sue Griffiths & Elizabeth Harrin

To 2nd Kyu – Stephan Radcliffe, Alex Brims & Vanessa Martins.

Well done to all.