Instructor Profiles

Senior Instructors:

Adam Cockfield – 5th Dan

Adam was born in Luton in 1982 and was always fascinated by Martial Arts films and stories from his Dad of his brief experience with Karate in the 1970’s. Adam began training in a small working men’s club hall in January 1992, after a bad start (his Dad’s quote on watching his early Karate lessons “he was rubbish, completely un-coordinated”) Adam’s enthusiasm for training shone through and his instructor at the time, known only as “Noddy”, suggested Adam go and train with his original instructor, Sensei Jamie Harrison.

Adam trained with Jamie and SEKU (Shotokan of England Karate Union) for 4 years until Jamie and his wife moved away to Devon. Prior to his departure Jamie contacted Malcolm Phipps Sensei (8th Dan) and suggested that his existing students train with SSKI (Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International).  Adam joined SSKI in March 1996 and went on from brown belt to achieving the grade of 5th Dan in April 2013.

Adam is an accomplished competitor winning both the Kata (forms) and Kumite (fighting) at many established Shotokan & Open events around the country for several years such the The Legend open (Competitor of the Day for two years running), The Shobu-Ippon International Open, WTKO Open and The SEKU Invitational.

Adam has also competed in Romania, France, Holland, Belgium and in the USA, winning medals at major International events, culminating in winning the 2011 WJKA World Championships in Kata. In 2004 Adam was made the SSKI squad coach and coached the squad for the next 14 years to arguably it’s best ever results.  

Adam has been privilaged enough to train with many senior and well-respected Karateka, mainly due to the open attitude of his original Sensei, Malcolm Phipps.  Adam has learnt a great deal from Dave Hazard Sensei, Aidan Trimble Sensei, Steve Ubl Sensei, Iain Abernethy Sensei & Vinicio Antony Sensei.  The biggest influence on Adam’s Karate in recent years has been Simon Staples Sensei, who Adam tries to train with as often as possible. .  Adam also recognises the contribution of his main Sensei his main sensei of over 20 years; Macolm Phipps Sensei (8th Dan).

In April 2008 Adam Sensei passed his Yondan (4th Dan) grading in front of a panel headed by Macolm Phipps Sensei , having to perform the Kata Meikyo and demonstrate its Bunkai (applications) in depth, write a thesis on any aspect of Karate and teach a lesson based on that thesis.   Adam was then awarded 5th Dan in 2013.

Read Sensei Adam’s Yondan Grading Thesis: The Impact of Competition on Modern Shotokan Karate

Adam has a very open mind to his training and over the past 20 years has regularly trained with instructors of different styles (Goju-Ryu/Wado-Ryu/Shito-Ryu) and exposed himself to different disciplines (Jiu-Jutsu, BJJ, Wrestling, Boxing).

Adam has full Instructors Professional Indemnity Insurance, has an Enhanced DBS check and is first aid qualified.

Daniel White – 4th Dan

Daniel has full Instructors Professional Indemnity Insurance, has an Enhanced DBS check and is first aid qualified.
Full Profile to follow.

Assistant Instructors:

Christopher Boon – 3rd Dan

After I left university, I went to live in Japan for three years and took up karate whilst there. I trained in JKA Shotokan Karate in a large, custom-built budokan in Ogaki City, situated in the middle of Japan’s main island of Honshu. I had two teachers, Tamura Sensei and Kubota Sensei, both of whom taught a fairly traditional form of karate.

I passed my sho-dan test in 2004 shortly before leaving the country and, after a brief hiatus, returned to karate in the UK with the Muswell Hill Karate Academy – affiliated to the Eastern European Fudokan style – under the tutelage of Islam Berisha Sensei. I passed my ni-dan test in 2008 during a seminar hosted by Ilija Jorga Sensei (10th Dan).

I joined Kings Cross Dojo in 2010. It’s a fantastic club and I have learned a great deal from Adam Sensei and all the other instructors.

Caspar Mahoney – 2nd Dan

I first started training, alongside my brother & sister in 1997, when I was fifteen, at Carn Brea Karate Club in Cornwall, under the tutelage of Sensei Bryan Temby. It was an incredibly old school club, with an emphasis on discipline, etiquette, and stances as long as you could possibly make them!

Eventually my siblings moved on to other things but I never really seriously thought of doing anything but karate, which has always felt like the right martial art for me, both psychologically and physically.

After taking a break to concentrate on my studies at University, I found the Kings Cross dojo and I’ve been blessed to find what must be one of the best clubs in the country. To prove an old adage (if at first you don’t succeed… I picked up my shodan at the third time of trying(!) in June 2010 and then passed nidan in December 2013.

Charlie Johnson – 2nd Dan

Profile coming soon.