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Christmas Course with Sensei Staples

London Kyu Grading, Dec 2011

The London Dojo Kyu grading was held on December 8th 2011 before a panel of Adam sensei, Chris sensei and Seth sensei. All participants were successful, with the following grades awarded. Tony- 3rd Kyu Stuart- 6th Kyu Carey- 6th Kyu Harvey- 8th Kyu Congratulations everyone!  

Dan Grading Successes!

  Many Congratulations to Monika Orban and Sarah Brown from the London Club who successfully passed their respective shodan and nidan gradings at the Honbu Dojo on Saturday December 3rd. Both gave very strong performances in front of the senior panel of SSKI examiners, particularly impressing with their spirited kumite. You both did the club …

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Visiting Instructor: Chris Carr sensei

On Thursday Oct 13th visiting instructor Chris Carr sensei from SEKU (Shotokan of England Karate Union) will be taking the class. Training will be at the normal time and cost, followed by a few drinks at The Driver. Please do make sure you are there for what is sure to be a fantastic course from …

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Malcolm Phipps Sensei 8th Dan

The London Dojo would like to congratulate Malcolm Phipps sensei on the award of his 8th Dan, presented on behalf of the SSKI executive committee by Dave Hazard sensei.  This is truly well deserved recognition for sensei, who has been training, teaching and coaching karate for 40 years. In addition to forming and running both Seishinkai …

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SSKI Nationals 2011

SSKI held its 25th National championships on September 11th at the Honbu Dojo in Hemel  Hempstead school. It was a great day, with excellent karate and a brilliant atmosphere from both spectators and competitors. The London Dojo took a strong team of sensei Adam, sensei Chris, sensei Sarah, sensei Caspar, Rachael, Monika, Tony and Stuart …

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London Kyu Grading

The London Dojo Kyu grading was held on Thursday the 8th of September, in front of a panel of Adam Sensei, Chris Sensei, Sarah Sensei and Caspar Sensei. The following grades were awarded: 1st Kyu- Rachael Houlton 2 Kyu- Peer Lustraeten 7th Kyu- Elena Chrysostomou 9th Kyu- Stuart Debois Congratulations everyone, and to Carey from …

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WJKA World Championships, Belgium

SSKI once again teamed up with SEKU to take a combined squad (including Sensei Adam, Rachael and Eve from the London Dojo) to the WJKA World Championships in Belgium. Despite stiff competition the squad enjoyed numerous successes, the pinnacle of which was Sensei Adam’s 1st place in the highly competitive men’s individual kata event. This …

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Demo for Japan Tsunami Relief

A friend of Yoko’s, who comes from a part of Japan that was badly affected by the tsunami, is organising a charity event to raise money for the tsunami relief and she has asked Sensei Adam if the club could put on a demo at the event. This is set to take place on Sunday …

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Rouen Training Camp

The 6th International Shotokan Training Camp took place on the 22nd-25th July 2011. A large group of SSKI karateka headed down to Rouen, France for an excellent weekend of high quality training with Sensei Dave Hazard, Sensei Paul Herbert and our own Sensei Adam Cockfield. We were kept busy with 3/4 sessions a day on …

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