At the SSKI Squad training session on Thursday 25th April 2013, Sensei Adam Cockfield was awarded his 5th Dan grade by Sensei Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan and Sensei Tony Bunting 6th Dan, in front of a packed audience of squad members and instructors from nearly all the clubs in SSKI. In a short speech before the actual award, Sensei Phipps commented on how much this grade was deserved as Sensei Adam had put so much into the Association over the last five years. “He is superb coach and an excellent sensei and is one of the very best Shotokan competitors in the country today winning the WJKA world kata title two years ago and has won the Shobu-Ippon, Legend Open and Portsmouth Open titles in kata and kumite on many occasions.” Sensei Phipps continued to say that he was a credit to himself and his family, a credit to the Association and Shotokan Karate in general and a credit to Sensei Phipps and, even much more importantly, a good and loyal friend. Adam was presented with two certificates: one from the ISKS and one from SSKI.