The 6th International Shotokan Training Camp took place on the 22nd-25th July 2011. A large group of SSKI karateka headed down to Rouen, France for an excellent weekend of high quality training with Sensei Dave Hazard, Sensei Paul Herbert and our own Sensei Adam Cockfield.

We were kept busy with 3/4 sessions a day on Saturday /Sunday (at least for those able to drag themselves out of bed for the 7.30am class!). Classes covered a variety of areas including fundamentals, Kumite/self-defence drills, impact work and kata. Sensei Hazard took us through Gojushiho Sho, it was really enlightening to learn his own interpretation of the bunkai and I will now forever associate this kata with answering my mobile/ my mum spanking my bottom!

Training was demanding, particularly on the brain, and we all came away with lots to work on. The standard of the students was also very high, including many senior karateka from all over the UK. This created an intense and focused atmosphere, however after the classes we all relaxed together, enjoying the sunshine and a few drinks in the evening.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend with good weather, great company and excellent karate. I will definitely be back next year 🙂